Do you know that paralyzing fear when you want to step out to pursue your creative dreams?

It is hard to follow your creative passions when you are afraid. Confidence is an elusive trait, but not with Jesus by your side. With Calmly Create with Confidence, you will use the videos to develop a sustainable daily devotional practice. As a result, you will feel confident as God gives you ideas to execute in various ways. This training will equip and teach you the processes needed to create with confidence.

Step into the power of love.

You are loved and created in love, and God designed you to share the beauty of that love with everyone you contact. Learn how to embrace your creativity and know that when you share your heart with the world, God’s love gets free reign to transform the lives of others!

Spirit-filled instruction to equip and empower you to create with love.

Build your inner confidence. Develop a level of excellence which ultimately will impact upon the Kingdom of God.

Course curriculum

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    2. Welcome to Calmly Create with Confidence!

    1. Lesson One: Abide

    2. Lesson Two: Affirm

    3. Lesson Three: Ask

    4. Lesson Four: Act

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About this course

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  • 8 lessons